Starbucks Medicine Ball at Home

It’s that time of year in Kentucky when the weather changes. Without fail, my throat gets sore and my allergies seem to lose their minds. My favorite thing to sooth my symptoms is a Medicine Ball tea from Starbucks! If they look at you funny when you order this, it is technically called the “Honey… Continue Reading →

Greek Pasta Salad

It’s October, but we got one last taste of 74 degree weather today! It felt like summer and I just wanted to be outside. We decided to grill out for dinner, so obviously my favorite summer side dish made an appearance–pasta salad. Growing up, my mom made this all summer long, it just hits the… Continue Reading →

Introduction – Let’s Go Girls

What’s upppp, happy Saturday y’all. Let’s start off by talking about who the hell I am and why I’m doing this shall we?? Welcome to my hot mess. I’m a 20-something who is dangerously close to the big 3-0 , intellectual property attorney, dog mom to an adorable 5-pound pup, wine lover, volleyball lover, and fair warning–… Continue Reading →


This was one of those weeks I am SO excited for the weekend. I have two weekend moods–I’m either turning it up, or I’m all the way chill. There is no in between. This weekend, boyfriend is off all weekend and we have PLANS yall. We have PLANS!! *praaaaaaaise hands* Tomorrow is Saturday and we… Continue Reading →

Pumpkin Muffins

Y’all. I have a confession…. Your girl hates sweets. Like, I am seriously the type of person who wants one bite of a dessert, and then I am seriously sick of it. (My mom didn’t let me have sugar til I was 5, and it really stuck with me. Sugar hurts my teeth, my stomach,… Continue Reading →

Need Wine Now

Hey little mama, let me whisper in your ear…. I got your wine recommendations. I see you, girl. It’s been a long day. Let’s chat about the wine, shall we? I have a budget-friendly, non-sophisticated palate that ranges from $15 – 50 dollars mk? Great. We’ll get along just fine. I’m not a fan of… Continue Reading →

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