Residency & Rosé

Attorney, dog mom, wine drinker, annnnd girlfriend to a neurosurgery resident

After dating my boyfriend for a year, I realized I needed, but couldn’t find, a community for significant others of doctors in residency. There was no relatable insta-influencers, no local residency program for significant others, and none of my friends dated anyone in the medical field. SOS.

There are so many unique issues that have come up in my relationship that I almost feel awkward talking about them to people who do not understand med school/residency. Residency specifically is such a peculiar experience, I feel like I have to give 45 minutes of background information before I can get to what I really wanted to talk about. I hope Residency & Rosé can provide some relatable content for you folks out there who also are in relationships with med students, residents, or anyone else in the medical field…. Let’s find a way to laugh through this challenging season of life. Here we go….

xoxo, cheers

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