Introduction – Let’s Go Girls

What’s upppp, happy Saturday y’all. Let’s start off by talking about who the hell I am and why I’m doing this shall we?? Welcome to my hot mess.

I’m a 20-something who is dangerously close to the big 3-0 , intellectual property attorney, dog mom to an adorable 5-pound pup, wine lover, volleyball lover, and fair warning– I use a fair amount of curse words. Also I’m girlfriend (meal deliverer, emotional support, activities planner, talker-downer, etc.) to my sweetheart boyfriend…. a very busy bad ass neurosurgery resident.

Being in a relationship with someone in the medical field is harder than I expected. I’m a rose-colored glasses type of girl most of the time, and I still find myself regularly surprised at how hard things can be! Despite the struggles, I find a special joy in trying to figure out ways to make these years more fun and more efficient so I can make the best of them! 

To that end, I hope this can be a community for girlfriends (boyfriends, husbands, wives, roommates, etc.) of residents (med students, nurses, PA’s, NP’s, etc.) to come together and share our unfiltered struggles, our good days, the shit that annoys us, our tips & tricks, and fun hobbies!

So let’s have a glass of rosé while the doctors are away and enjoy the muthaf*cking moment. Cheers!

“Let’s go girls.” –Shania Twain

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