This was one of those weeks I am SO excited for the weekend. I have two weekend moods–I’m either turning it up, or I’m all the way chill. There is no in between.

This weekend, boyfriend is off all weekend and we have PLANS yall. We have PLANS!! *praaaaaaaise hands*

Tomorrow is Saturday and we are going to our local pumpkin patch, Huber’s Orchard, where we hope to find some perfect pumpkins and drink all the blackberry sangria we possibly can. My inner basic bitch is already planning the flannel and boots I’m going to wear to this event. The weather is perfect and I’m so thrilled for this chill in the air. It has been SUCH a true Fall this year in Kentucky, we’ve had 60 degree weather for weeks now, and it is the silver lining to Corona that I needed.

Photo courtesy of Huber’s Orchard & Winery

I’ve been trying to be more intentional about appreciating life’s simple pleasures lately. Chilly nights, warm sweaters, cozy candles, changing leaves…. So so grateful for those moments. Fall is my favorite time to sit and be still by myself. I find it so easy to prioritize everyone around me over my own thoughts, feelings, and needs… there’s just something about Fall that makes me feel comfortable sitting with my emotions and being so content.

SO excited for this weekend. I hope y’all have a great weekend and can find some peace and a great glass of wine. Enjoy my favorite Fall mood, chill song. Cheers!

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